About Nine To Wine

Hi! 👋🏼 I’m Allie. I’m the owner, creator and communicator behind NTWD. Operating this business is my passion. Honestly, I love every aspect. I design each mat. I paint every mat by hand after you order it. When an order rolls in, I legitimately dance a little bit each time. My little girls think it’s hilarious. Painting doormats has become a fabulous creative outlet, a wonderful tool to teach my girls what running a business looks like, and honestly what gets me excited to get out of bed each day! 

If I’m painting, you can be sure that there’s music playing throught the studio, I’m drinking coffee, and generally taking a dance break between each mat!

Nine To Wine Design started by accident! I created a custom doormat for my own front porch (a prop, really, for my daughters first day of pre-k photo op!) and it was loved by family and friends. With a nudge from those around me, I listed O N E doormat in my etsy shop AND IT SOLD THE SAME DAY! Within just a couple of weeks, I had to quit my full time medical billing job, in order to keep up with my doormat orders. This has done so much for my family and has made it possible for me to spend my days with my daughters and doing something that I love! Thank you endlessly, for your support of my small creative business. It really does make a BIG difference in our lives.

If you have questions about our process or about your order, feel free to text or email anytime! I respond just as quickly as I can! All of my contact information is listed at the bottom of the page under “Contact Us”! 

Have a HAPPY day! 😄